In June, the Lee County Commission passed a terribly misguided Ordinance directed at any registered Sex Offender.  This ordinance was amended after a successful constitutional challenge to certain vague language by my firm.  The new ordinance cleans up some of the language but the ordinance is still vague and oppressive and infringes on basic human rights.  It criminalizes normal conduct and makes it a crime to simply be in certain areas such as public parks, libraries and beaches.  You cannot even go to a public swimming pool.

If you are a convicted sex offender either residing in Lee County or simply a tourist visiting here you must be aware of this ordinance  Contact our office today for a free copy of this new law.  If you are a registered sex offender living here in Ft Myers, Cape Coral or Leheigh you have probably already been visited by someone from the Sheriff Scott's office and handed a copy of this new law.  If you are on sex offender probation or are wearing and electronic monitor you are at great risk of being set up and charged with a violation which could put you in State prison.  Let me know what the Sheriff's deputy said when they handed you this ordinance.

A sex crime conviction with sex offender registration imposes a lifetime burden on you.  The registration imposes in effect a penalty that hangs over your head and follows you on a daily basis.  Some sex offenders went on to marry the so called victim and have children and lead productive lives.  Unfortunately here in Ft. Myers and throughout Florida the new laws provide for a lifetime of punishment.

There is also a new State law that can affect you.  Each session, new laws are passed  by polititions feeding on the paranoia created by law enforcement and the media claiming that sex offenders roam the streets enticing children when in fact, most sex offenses are committed in the home by a family member or close friend.

If you have a question about the new ordinance or the new State statute, blog or contact me today or call any one of our offices in Ft. Myers, Sarasota or Punta Gorda and speak with me or one of our criminal defense attorneys.   Speaking to a  Ft. Myers sex crime lawyer now may keep you from accidently becoming a victim of selective prosecution by Sheriff Scott's super aggressive sex crime unit.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  Know the law and beware!